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Tubrz is a Win-Win exclusive partnership program for the PRO Youtubers
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You can Easily send your Channel to our Review Team to analyze it and Start the Partnership Process.

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Once your Channel is Approved, our Experts Team will Get All Done to Launch your First App in Stores.

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Even after Publish your App, our Experts Team will Always give you a Premium Advices & Solutions to Grow Fast.

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Tubrz is a Win-Win Exclusive Partnership program, so you can Expect anything from our
Team of Experts to Ensuring your Content Generates maximum Growth & Returns.

Official Website

Our Pro Partners will receive an Official Website to display all their information and products with Tons of Pro Features.

Android Application

Android Application to display All your Content to Double your Audience and connect with them Directly.

iOS Application

An iOS App version will also come to Ensure your Content & Audience Growth Faster and generates More Revenue.

Content Marketing

FREE PREMIUM Expert plans to Support and Ensure your Content & Audience are always Growing.

Content Protection

Our Security Protocols help you Protect your original Videos & Content over the web Globally against Theft.

Consultation & Support

Advanced Premium Support Starting from Content Creation to Viral Growth by our Experts Team & Tools.

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Tubrz the Win-Win exclusive partnership program is open now for the PRO Youtubers
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    about us

    We partner with Youtubers to make great Apps at No Cost to you

    Our approach is uniquely built around what we know works…and what we know doesn’t work.

    Over the years, Our Team of Experts helped a lot of Influencers and YouTubers to reach their goals and worked on many inspiring Projects. We help influencers, Youtubers and Content Creators like yours to generate more Profits & Growing Audience by building awareness, driving New Organic Traffic, connecting with Fans and Followers, and growing overall your Valuable Content.
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    How can you develop at no cost?
    We take on the debt of production and risk with the knowledge that the Apps & Games has the potential to make revenue in multitudes higher than what it cost. We calculate risk based on an influencers audience size and quality. Revenue is then split between TUBRZ and the Influencer to recoup our initial investment in your brand.
    How long before I know I’ve been accepted?
    Please allow us up to two weeks to apply to our applications Partnership program. If you still haven’t heard from us by then please follow up with our contact us Or Live Chat.
    Is there an age limit to become a partner?
    There is not any age limit for partners to join TUBRZ Partnership. However, if you are underage, you can ask your parents to make required arrangements for you. The money will go to your parents’ account. So, you have to convince them to open one for you. In the case you have a bank account, we can transfer your Profits to it.
    How many subscribers do I need to join the TUBRZ Partnership?
    While there’s many variables we consider, we’re typically looking at YouTubers & Twitch Streamers with over 500,000 subscribers or higher, and Social Influencers with more than 250,000 followers. Obviously the stronger the audience, the more you’ll be considered for the program this year.
    As a Partner, How and When do I get paid?
    We automatically send your share of the profits to your registered bank account on a monthly basis. From the 25th to the 31st of the following month.
    Will TUBRZ help me protect my copyrights from theft?
    Yes, of course TUBRZ Copyrights Team and Our Security Protocols will help you Protect your original Videos & Content across the web Globally against Theft, We will remove any unauthorized content especially on the Google Play and Apple Store platforms and on any website applying DMCA principles.

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      "I am so happy to get an invitation to the TUBRZ Partnership Program, and i can't wait to see my new application in the stores, i am so excited and i hope my followers will be happy too."
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      Doni Bobes
      "So excited to be joining this exclusive partnership and getting my first mobile app, i think it will be amazing and my fans will love it"
      Doni Bobes
      Youtube Gamer
      "Thank you TUBRZ Team for receiving an invitation to join your Win-Win Partnership program, your idea is great and I look forward to see my application"
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